viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2012

Female Literature in the United States and Canada

The CTIF of Madrid-Sur is organizing a course about  "Female Literature in the United States and Canada" Certainly Canada is well-known for the quality of her "female" literature -I prefer to say "women's literature,"
Canada  has had women writers from the beginning of its history, starting from its pioneers, like Susanna Moodie, and following a tradition which continues until the present day. In this course, I will be introducing three of  Canada's foremost women writers: Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro and Mavis Gallant.
Margaret Atwood (Ottawa, 1939) is one of  Canada's best known writers, the recipient of numerous awards, including the Prince of Asturias Award in 2008. Karen Stein recognizes Atwood's gifts for all genres of writing, but recognizes that for Atwood it was her  poetry that first built her reputation. Especially early in her career, she often spoke of herself as a poet. Her publications of poetry collections (more than eleven volumes) are impressive, as impressive as her novels. In fact, often her novels derive from visions or ideas suggested in ther poems.

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