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Next Monday we shall be speaking in the course  about Mavis Gallant, (born 1922) a writer who, although she was born in Montreal, has spent most of her life in Paris. She also lived in Spain in the early fifties' and this is what the two stories you are going to read are about. She almost returned to Spain in 1999, but did not make it... However, I was lucky enough to interview her in Paris.
Here is the link to the interview, published in Atlantis, the journal published AEDEAN, (Spanish Association for Angloamerican Studies):

Mavis Gallant essay: "What is Style?" (1982)


Does Gallant's description of Madrid in the early 1950's correspond to what your parents/granparents have told you about this period? What "horizon of expectations" do you bring to your reading of the stories (films, TV series, previous readings...)?

Here are the other promised links:

Video about The Paris Stories:

My article on autobiography in "When We Were Nearly Young":

Thank you all for your contributions to the course. It's been pleasure having you a students!
Keep on reading Canadian Literature!

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  2. Hello. My name is Susana Cano, one of the participants in the Female Literature course. Regarding Gallant's description of Madrid, I think she has captured very well the sense of isolation of the post-war period in Madrid. The characteres are just interested in surviving. They lack money, hope and they seem to enjoy themselves only when they share a meal.A certain sense of depression pervades the story and the memories of the writer have to do with the weather(very cold or hot), and the poverty.
    I think things could not have been very different from what Gallant tells in her story. It wasn't a "happy" period for Spanish people in general and I guess their main interest was that of surviving, day by day, and trying to get a decent meal.