lunes, 29 de abril de 2013


Recently, we have been reading again about Canadian women writers in the Spanish press. There have been absent for almost two years, since Munro was shortlisted for the Prínce of Asturias Award in 2011, which eventually went to her compatriot Leonard Cohen.  Atwood had always been hidden away since the fanfare of the Prince of Asturias Award in 2008 and the publication of her poetry collection The Door in 2009. Lumen has recently incorporated her to the prestigious gallery of women authors-

In my forthcoming books about the reception of Canadian writers in Spain, I have expressed my conviction that Canadian writers are here to stay. Alice Munro has recently made it to the cover of El Cultural (22 March 3013), just as Atwood did when she won the Prince of Asturias Award. Nuria Azancot summarizes an interview Munro held The New Yorker about the publication of her latest collection of stories Dear Life.

Margaret Atwood visited Spain in the second week of April for the occasion of Gutun Zuria, the festival of International Literature Festival of Bilbao. She has, as a result,  appeared again in the cultural pages of most Spanish newspapers.

The good news is I will be teaching a course about Canadian (and Australian)  writers this autumn. The course’s title is “Language, Power, Hybridity in the Literatures of Canada and Australia." The course will feature authors like Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro, Ann-Marie MacDonald and Sally Morgan.
I will soon be publishing links where you can find more information about it. Feel free to ask me about it at

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