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COURSE: Language, Power and Hybridity in the Literatures of Canada and Australia


Madrid Master of English Literature and Culture (UAM, Department of English Studies,
2013-14, starting mid-September 2013)

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Registration taking place now! Registration periods:

1st: From June 10 until July 29

2nd: From September 19 until September 27

Please go to: Pilar's CanLit Master course UAM

Canada and Australia, as former settler-invader colonies of the British Empire, provide interesting models to study the co-existence of languages and cultures and their role as victims of colonialism and agents of oppression of the indigenous communities

 This course will provide an introduction to the main theoretical issues of postcolonial theory, as well as an overview of literary texts of different genres by Australian and Canadian authors, through the reading and commentary of literary texts and theoretical essays. It will also contain a module about the translation and reception of English-Canadian literature in Spain. Authors that will be dealt with include: Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro, Margaret Laurence, Ann-arie MacDonald, Alistair McLeod and Gail Jones.

If you are interested in news about Canadian studies activities taking place in Spain, please visit the Fundación Canadá Facebook site: Fundación Canadá

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